We offer the weird and wonderful escorted tour to Japan. Tours de force.

Curated by two of the best accidental global trotters, "Professor" Tanaka of Japanese weirdness

and his trusty sidekick Roger (Aspro Boy) who has over 100 trips to Japan under his belt,

this is a different style og trip to Japan. Expect the unexpected in art, empire, industry and food.

Some oddball stuff, some traditional, but all different.

Travel with like minded souls who are interested in seeing the county behind the scene, or orgainsie your own group, on and off the beaten track, upside down, inside out. With Laughs.

Easy, relatively inexpensive and out of the ordinary ?

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Lobrow Japan is contactable via email roger@lobrow.com.au

Expect thr Unexpected, this is not your ordinary tour, at all

The tour is curated and carefully managed by the seasoned culture vulture experts,

"Professor (of everything extraordinary)" Tanaka,

originally from Japan, but now a true blue.

His knowledge of Japan especially behind the curtain is extraordinary.

Some of you may remember him from the JJJ's cult radio program Nippi Rock Shop

during the 1980s and 1990s.

Prof Tanaka will be ably assisted by Aspro Boy who is a legendary traveller

who accumulated more FF points, wisdom and experience, while managing himself and others,

globally, especially in Japan.

They know both sides of weird and wonderful.

They individually or together have shared some memorable trips with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,

Tom Zubrycki, the ABC's Tony Jones and Geraldine Doogue, Grant McLennan and Amanda Brown

from the Go-Betweens, Blixa Bargeld, permaculture guru David Holmgren,

legendary film and TV critic Doug Anderson, TV producer Janet Bell Tom Molomby QC and many others.

Together the dynamic duo will be the curators, navigators and narrators of your tour.

If you think you have seen Japan think again. Prof Tanaka and Aspro Boy

will take you on a magical mystery tour to Japan you have never expected to see.

Tour place is limited to ensure the semi-personalised tour feeling.

Why not join us on the tour will no doubt trigger the experience.

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