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S.W.E.A.T     ... is ...

Sights, Wonders, Eats, Art, Travel

No-sweat hiking and biking as well.

Late Sep 2018.

No frills but plenty of thrills.

This tour is for the budget conscious, fit and feisty, youth at heart kinda heart tour.

Join in a small group of max 7 people.

Fee plus your airfare and your rail pass and this includes :

all handpicked accom, some breakfasts, all dinners and admissions and hires.

Only too happy to help arrange your pre and post tour if you require assistance.

Day 1: FRI SEP 21 Chew on the Chuo line

Get together at Tokyo. Then a chew on the Chuo Line for art, stroll, eye candy and fun. Accom is a pre war ryokan with so much character your head will explode. Bakelite meets wifi , or as the Japanese say..  “whiffy”.

Dinner at a Mom n Pop Thai / Jap fusion with 20,000 vinyl albums you can pick the music from !


Day 2: SAT SEP 22 Roppongi art, Taro Okamoto
Following traditional breakfast, we will head far east man to do the Roppongi Art Lobrow Septangle , Shibuya, some Taro

and Ando art and design - hidden in plain view, and after a stroll thru the excellent Aoyama Cemetery (weather permitting) ,

we visit the house and workspace of Taro Okamoto. It’s an arty strolling day, with an Okinawan style dinner at the end.


Day 3 SUN 23 Tokyo to Matsumoto
Today we will take the Chuo train further through the highland of Japan. Some biking and strolling ;

to the biggest wasabi farm you will ever see and sample wasabi ice cream, art galleries, onsen hot baths..

A local dinner before retiring to our dorm style accommodation with a style.

Day 4 MON 24 Matsumoto

Today we will bike and stroll around the old castle town of Matsumoto, also Yayoi Kusama's hometown. Watch out for polka dots.

If you have ever wondered what jalan jalan is, you will find out in Matsumoto, because it is the Prof's hometown too.


Day 5 TUE 25 Matsumoto to Nagoya

Today we will catch the train on the western Chuo line in the morning thru the mountains to Nagoya, one of the best train rides in Japan. In the afternoon, we will visit some art that makes you think about your destiny, at The site of Reversible Destiny.

Local dinner will amuse, as may the Rock Bar, if its open, the Rock Guy will play your favourite obscure music

including 70s live German Prog videos.

Day 6 WED 26 Nagoya
Today is a combination of trains and cars,  the history of industry at the Toyota museum, and a Japan Railway museum to check out every train than ever ran, and even have a ‘super bullet train’ simulation, You can even elect to drive a Bullet Train for 15 mins.
Or we will go to nearby Inuyama, another old castle town, to see the monkeys, drop in a psychedelic home made arty cafe,

and a shrine dedicated for the fertility.

Day 7 THU 27 Nagoya to the Inland Sea

We will travel on the bullet train then catch a ferry to Setoda. We will have the afternoon free. A bike ride, perhaps a stroll,

perhaps a nap. Or dip in your private onset hot spa by the sea.

Day 8 FRI 28 Cycle around Setoda

Breakfast at the hostel then.. Decisions decisions, do you go left or right ? Choose your own adventure !

It's approx 60km return to Onomichi (4hours) or 80km return to Imabari (6  hours). Either direction, gorgeous views guaranteed.

The Prof can give you advice about descents, common sense, and what to look out for.

Day 9 SAT 29 Off to Teshima

Breakfast, then a ferry, a bullet train, a local train, and a ferry, but no planes. Our destination is Teshima,

one of the arty islands in the Inland Sea. Accom is a great old school ryokan, just near the wharf in this cute art island,

with a local dinner cooked up by the Prof and our friend Yuki, she rocks.

Day 10 SUN  30 Inujima

After breakfast served by Yuki, we will ferry over to Inujima island for arty stroll. What the best way to convert an old coper mill?

An industrial ruin can be art. Back to Teshima in the afternoon, for some well earned rest and recreation. Scrabble anyone ?

Local dinner, again , we’re locals not yokels tonight.

Day 11 MON OCT 1 Naoshima

Breakfast of course, then ferry out early-ish , drop the luggage at Uno, and head to Naoshima.

The island includes the renowned Bennesse House, Chi Chu, Li Lan Fan, heaps of art installations,

a Yurt by Sea where you can swim and shower, the worlds tackiest 007 Museum, and a segregated psychedelic bath-house,

so many options you may have to choose, before ferrying back to Uno to Chez Yuki Dorm accom, and dinner for all.

Day 12 TUE OCT 2 Uno to Kurayoshi

Breakfast, then a train to the heartland and the mountains, and hot spas. You are not in Kansas anymore, you are in Kurayoshi,

its leisurely, and warm and inviting, Rest up, and breathe that mountain air. Great local accom, and great local dinner await.

It may be the final knees up at an actual table, so be prepared !

Day 13 WED 3 Mitoku Mt.

Breakfast, and then heading for some wild mountain wild architecture, heaps history, and a hike, not too bad,

and “mountain” is over stating it. It’s all uphill, and then it’s all downhill. At the top of the mountain, you will see one of the best architectures (acccording to the famed artchitect, Tadao Ando) built more than one thousand years ago. How did they do it?

At this point, hopefully we can secure a trip from here on the overnight sleeping train the Sunrise Special to Tokyo.

We will travel on the last sleeping dorm SE Asian style train in the country.

If we can secure the booking, a party may ensue on the train, and arrival would be in Tokyo the next morning.

Day 14  THU OCT 4 Tokyo

Either we’ve arrive on/ with the Sunrise, then a day of further arty exploration in the capital,

or we arrive by normal train around lunchtime.

We will help you get to your next destination. Domo Arigato, and Sayonara !

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