Each tour will be curated around the best that Japan has to offer from over a hundred attractions that the Professor and Aspro Boy have researched, checked and visited.

Special attention is paid to the seasons, to seasonal attractions, festivals, art "happenings",

and will be finessed according to the interests of those who partake. 

We plan for maximum enjoyment, at a fairly relaxed pace,

but with a schedule that allows us to see as much of the available eye candy

and unique offerings that Japan can offer.

Choose from ART or Rubbish, Gunzel TRAINS, Monkey See Monkey Do SIGHTSEEING,

Strategies around ARCHITECTURE or Kumano My House


Design your own !  

YOUR JOURNEY, OUR DESIGN : with or without us


Whether you have never been to Japan, or are a frequent traveller to the exotic Nihon, we are confident that you will have an experience unlike any other with the Japan we will show you.


We, and our team of Lobrow ninjas, are always on the lookout for fresh attractions

and options that can be added to the list we select from.

Some tours will be similar, others will concentrate on a particular area,

and each will be unique.


Accomodation will vary from small boutique hotels, old and new,  traditional Japanese ryokans,

the occasional business hotel, some other quirky choices like a Yurt by the sea,

or a dream hotel, and some that may defy description.

Most, if not all, have free wifi, as as the Japanese say, WHIFFY !


We aim for clean, affordable, well located and accessible accommodation with character.


We will travel by shinkansen bullet train, local train, subway, ferry, and occasionally bus.

Most meals, transfers and entrance fees will be provided.