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You Only Think Twice


Japan . 1966.

Two decades since the devastating end of the war, but with atomic power and global domination still on everyone’s minds, Japan was on the recovery.

The population topped 100 million. The economy was booming.

Innovations and inventions were powered by a forward looking mindset.


More people moved from the country to the city, creating a whole new maturing society.

Some of the most enduring consumer stuff and popular brands were launched.

Toyota’s Corolla (and its rival Nissan Sunny) hit for the first time that year.

Just as enduring , the Ultraman debuted as well.


The ultimate global food , packaged noodle was launched, a revolution !

The 5th James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”, filmed in Japan, captivated the world.


The Beatles toured Japan, as did John Coltrane on his last ever tour.

In the art world, it was neo dadaists and in the architecture, metabolists were increasing their influence. Artists like Seibo Kitamura, and Taro Okamoto.


The tour will take you to some of the places where it was all taken place fifty years ago.

Maybe its Battleship Island, maybe it’s the site of Irreversible Destiny.

Some of the things they saw then, and the other stuff they missed.

In between, we will visit places of significant interest, to make you think twice.

Arty, futuristic, retro and kitsch, groundbreaking and secret, we have them all covered.


Walking, catching trains, and more hands- on.

Visit interactive disaster management scenarios, drive a VR shinkansen, visit secret government labs, underground pantheons and maybe hotels staffed by robot dinosaurs.

We will take you to experience a mixture of unexpected Japan. 


Of course Godzilla, King Kong, Gigantor or Gamera might make a cameo somewhere.

Look at the evolved floating world fifty years on from a golden period in Japan.

It’s that kind of tour. It ain’t no use to sit and wonder.  

As Bob said, “don’t think twice, it’s all right”

After all, you only think twice.




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