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Do I need to book my own air ticket ?

Yes, but we can give you suggestions, and options, and tell you which flights we will be travelling on. Once we know who is coming from where we will either meet you at the airport, or give you foolproof instructions to get to the hotel starting point


Do I need to get my own Railpass ?

Ground transport cost is included. Will be provided.


What about internal transfers , subway tickets, bus tickets and admission fees to attractions?

These will all be included, with the possible exception of transfers to and from the airport, depending on when and how you arrive.


What about meals ? How does that work ?

Most meals will be included, as indicated in the itinerary, most breakfasts, and all dinners, but on the odd occasion where a meal is not provided, you can join the Lobrow gang, or take up any local options which we will help you with. You can buy excellent and inexpensive food on the go if we are train-ing it, and at Lunchtime in general. You can see on the itinerary which meals will be included.


How about drinks ?

Drinks and souvenirs will be at your own expense. Dinner will be covered, and we will settle the drinks bill with cash according to an honesty / don’t take the mickey arrangement. You will be informed as to the cost of drinks before dinner, but most places will be inexpensive.


How fit do I have to be ?

You will need to carry, and be responsible for, your own luggage. You will need to be able to walk 500m with your luggage.

If you have any specific health questions, or issues, please ask .


What about insurance ?

You will be responsible for acquiring and paying for any insurance that you need.

What about Force Majure?

The tour is undertaken on the basis we are an autonomous collective, and while we will give you full instructions and tips on how to prepare for any Act of God, in that event, all assistance will be given, but no refunds.


Can I have my own room ?

As a rule, we will be staying in twin or double rooms, in which case, you will be asked to share with someone of the same gender. We will do our best to match people. In  some of the more traditional or quirky accommodation, like a yurt, we may have 3 or 4 people sharing.

In the more traditional ryokan which we are going to stay,  we aim for two to a room, however in Japan it is common to share rooms by more than two, and large rooms are provided for that purpose.

 In the traditional setting, facilities are communal, baths and in most cases toilets. Toilet slippers will be provided !

Bathing in Japan is a communal experience and we will visit some of the more interesting ones too.
If you require your own room for personal or religious reasons, we will do our best to accommodate that request,

but you will pay a surcharge accordingly. In very odd cases it may simply not be possible.


Do I need to be able to read or speak any Japanese ?

Little words certainly help, but totally not necessary.


What if I get separated and / or lost ?

You will be given a card with the directions to the accommodation, and instructions when we are out and about as insurance.

in the unlikely event something happens, you can simply use the card to get to where you need to be.


What about visas, vaccinations and the like ?

We will provide you with all the info you may need, but all of it is very straightforward, and in most cases you need do nothing.

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