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Terms and conditions and all that stuff

INCLUDED : accom (twin share base), dinners, most breakfast (when not on the run),
basic admissions to the attractions, all the transport (assuming you get the railpass,
we will cover buses, taxis , ferries, and other railways which are not covered by the railpass).

EXCLUDED : single room surcharge, drinks, lunches and some breakfast (when on the run),

extra admissions to the attractions, (this happens occasionally ) transport to and from the airports.

Single Room surcharge is available on most tours, where available.

Rail Pass is required and its around $ A 530  ($US 370 ) for 2 weeks
You have to get it yourself and you have to do it before you leave,
but you can do it online or in person and it takes 5 minutes.

Minimum numbers

We operate on small groups and sometimes they might be smaller than we hoped.
In that event, two months prior to that the tour's start, we will notify you that the tour
may be cancelled if we do not get enough folks.

We can still run the tour but there will be surcharges,
and you will be notified exactly the extra amount required if you still want the tour to go ahead.
It hasn't happened yet, but it might.

Exchange Rate

If there is a significant change in exchange rate, we apply a small surcharge.
Like the airlines' fuel surcharge, when the oil price goes beyond
a certain threshold,  they would then impose it.
We will operate in the same way and give you fair warning.

Extras and accounting

We run an account for each person / couple and
mostly its for drinks, surcharges and misc extras.
We will tell you each day how much you spent the night before,
and generally the drink prices are very modest 
At the end of the tour, will give it you an account
and you can use any leftover yen towards settling it
and / or simply transfer the balance upon your return.

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