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Art or Rubbish  2018 DETAIL attention


Pre Tour (THU OCT 11) Tokyo here we are

Prof and Aspro Boy arrive in Tokyo, get together in Akasaka around 8pm.

Accom can be arranged if required.

Optional extra

Day 1 (FRI OCT 12) Art Roppongi and Okamoto in Shibuya

Late arrivals join the tour in the morning. Tour starts around 10am after breakfast when we are assembled.

We will do the Roppongi Art Lobrow Septangle , Shibuya, some Taro and Ando art and design hidden in plain view,

and after a stroll thru the excellent Aoyama Cemetery (weather permitting) ,

we visit the house and workspace of Taro Okamoto.

Its an arty strolling day, with a dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Akasaka.

Day 2 (SAT Oct 13) First chew on Chuo line

After breakfast in the hotel, we will move to a pre-war ryokan in the suburbs

and stroll the hidden delights of the Chuo Line

Dinner will be Okinawan style.

Day 3 (SUN Oct 14)

Traditional breakfast in the ryokan, then heading for Kawasaki, where we will visit the Taro Okamoto Museum and

adjacent open air folk house museum, followed by (hopefully) a trip to a secret military lab…

or possibly you might like the other option, a majestic sculpture park around a grand old lake

Dinner will be at the local Mom n Pop / Jap Thai with 20,000 vinyl albums, yes they take requests !

Day 4 (MON Oct 15) Further chew on Chuo

Following breakfast, we will chew further on the Chuo line, including Arty Tachikawa,

where we will play "I Spy" the art ,

and then a brief lunch stop in Nakano, and a visit to an Art Factory in the afternoon.

Dinner at a World style delight.

Day 5 (TUE Oct 16) Osaka

We aim to leave around 9 and travel by bullet train to Osaka arriving early afternoon.

Breakfast and lunch on the go, then check in. Maybe a museum, or stroll the longest arcade in Japan,

Then to some esoteric shopping and coffee, and then dinner and maybe a small bar crawl.

Day 6 (WED Oct 17) Osaka or maybe Kyoto

Today we will do a day trip for art at the best options.

Dinner will be Japanese in a gawdy former old school brothel in the red light area.


Day 7 (Thu Oct 18) Osaka

Trammit, and maybe an earthquake experience !

The ultimate arty rubbish moment at the world’s largest garbage incinerator, and its sister sewage treatment plant.

Its art, not shit, and was agreed to be the highlight of AoR 2016.

To cap it all, we will take in a secret steampunk Submarine bar for a beer, 

before dinner at a specially selected characteristically Lobrow establishment.

Day 8 (FRI Oct 19) Art island Teshima

Today we will leave Osaka by bullet train and ferry for Teshima, the island of garbage turned to art,

yet another Art or Rubbish location. We will stay in a humble old ryokan at the wharf, by ourselves,

and perhaps an arty excursion on the electric bike in the afternoon,

or just a leisurely stroll around, with sensational fishy snacks, Yum.

Dinner at our friend Yuki's joint, just down the street.


Day 9  (Sat Oct 20) Naoshima Day Trip

We ferry out early-ish and head to Naoshima. The island includes the renowned Bennesse House,

Chi Chu, Li Lan Fan, heaps of art installations, a Yurt by Sea where you can swim and shower,

the worlds tackiest 007 Museum,  and a segregated psychedelic bath-house.

So many options you may have to choose, before ferrying back to Teshima for a BBQ.

Day 10 (SUN Oct 21) Inujima Day Trip

We ferry over to Inujima, to complete the Lobrow Art Or Rubbish Seto Sea Trio Semi-ennale,

and ferry back in the afternoon,  for some well earned rest and recreation. Scrabble anyone ?

Local dinner, we’re locals not yokels tonight.

Day 11 (MON Oct 22) Teshima to Ise, via Seto Ohashi

We will leave early morning by ferry and then catch the across (well, underneath. actually) the Seto Ohashi bridge,

the longest single span bridge in the world, and one of the best across the water train rides.

We hop a bullet train and then a local train to Ise., where will catch a local bus to our accommodation

at the amazing centuries old former brothel, which we will have to ourselves.

Dinner is a short stroll away at an excellent local fish and local produce delight.

Day 12 (TUE Oct 23) Ise

Breakfast at home, in our ancient digs, then the choice of a mystery day trip,

or a chance to check out why Ise is the spiritual home of Japan. Dinner will be local again.

Day 13 (Wed Oct 24) Ise

Following traditional breakfast at the ryokan , we will explore Ise including (weather and tides permitting)

a cruise around the bay on a converted junk. Is it art or rubbish ?

and then a visit to the Ninja and Samurai village theme park for all sorts of ninja nonsense action,

and then a final dinner at our beloved magnificent ryokan.

Day 14 (THU Oct 25) Off to Tokyo, infinity and beyond

Following our final breakfast , served again at our hundred of years old lodgings,

we will leave around noon to take people back  by bullet train to Tokyo (with lunch on the go), either to the airport,

or perhaps they stay on in Tokyo. Sayonara   !!

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