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This tour gives you a taste of Kumano Kodo,
the world heritage listed ancient pilgrimage paths.

We will walk some sections, but mostly optional.

In other words, you can experience the best bits, but you don't need to walk all day

on the cobbled stone paths through the monotonous cedar plantations.

We will take you to the best bits, and if you feel like, you can wonder for a couple of hours.

You will also enjoy the excellent hot spa in the area,

including the one known to be the oldest operating in the country

(about 1800 years old, and the only hot spa registered as the UNESCO world heritage).

And, weather permitting, the best sunset in the ocean you can see - while having a dip in the onsen.

The food on offer is also the feature of this tour.

All dinners and breakfast are prepared with fresh ingredients and home style cooking at its best.

When you thought you have tasted sashimi before, for example, think again. You will change your opinion.

We will taste the best and freshest tuna sashimi in the country,

because we will stay at a town where the most of tuna supply comes from.

Lobrow Japan's "Kumano my house" tour will also take you to a ruin,

shrine with thousands of dolls, and the best coastal train ride.

There are plenty of group hikes to Kumano, and its quite popular

Kumano is off the beaten track, but ours is even further off ...

and this one is easier, better and probably cheaper !

It is a Kumano tour with difference.

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights.

Starting from Kii Katsuura, ending at Wakayama on the Kii peninsula.

Minimum 2 people Maximum 6 people

Fare: Sliding scale, 2 pax, $A 2000 pp, 4 pax, $A 1800 pp, 6 pax, $A 1700.
Includes all accommodations, breakfast and dinner. Bus fares and train fares. Admission to atractions.

The fare does not include international airfares, transport to Kii Katsuura and from

Wakayama to next destination such as Tokyo, lunches, drinks, souvenirs or insurance.

 When in 2023 :

Roughly the week before Art of Rubbish i.e.

Oct 19 to Oct 24 ish or

DEF Nov 23 to Nov 29

Also : Maybe before and after Monkey See 2024

Early Feb , say from the 1st of Feb, or from Feb 21 onwards


Note that this tour can generally only be taken in conjunction with the other tours,

such as  STRAT Architecture tour, ART or RUBBISH tour, or the GUNZEL Train tour.

You may have to take part in one of these Lobrow Japan tours to join in the Kumano my house tour,

but we are open to offers. We may be able to fit to your schedule if you have a sufficient number in your group.


Day 1
Getting together at Kii Katsuura. After checking in at 3pm, afternoon at leisure.

Options (at extra cost) include the dip in the amazing onsen in the bay and others. Otherwise, stroll around the port.

Katsuura being the biggest tuna town in the country, our diner will be tuna, tuna, tuna. The best tuna dinner you will ever taste.

The selection of sake is extensive and excellent.

Day 2
Early morning visit to fish market (starts at 4am, depending the weather and the catch).

After breakfast, bus to Daimonzaka for our first taste of the famed Kumano Kodo pilgrimage path.

You will be amazed at the view of the 133m tall Nachi waterfall which avid 007 film fans may remember seeing in the background of his wedding in the 1966 James Bond film (Sean Connery). We will visit the pagoda at the Seigantoji temple near the waterfall.
Bus back to Katsuura for lunch, and then pick up the baggage, bus to the Yunomine Onsen hot spa resort.

Discovered some 1800 years ago, it is said to be the oldest operating hot spa in the country. We will stay here for two nights.

Our inn is about 1km out of the main drag, but right next to the gorgeous river and right in front of a bus stop.

The inn has three different onsen baths all open all day. The spa across the road, by the river is exquisite.

Food is hearty home cooking at its best.

Day 3
After breakfast we will take a lazy morning walk on Kumano Kodo to the Hongu shrine, about 4km.

Up and down. An hour and a bit. Hongu shrine is perhaps one of the ancient, most gorgeous shrines.

Nearby is the nation's biggest (hence the world’s biggest) torii gate. Even if you are not a fan of big things (who is not?),

you would be amazed. If you are looking for a daily fix of good coffee, there is an espresso bar just at the entrance of the shrine.

Afternoon at leisure, you can hang around at Hongu longer, or we can stroll back to Yunomine for more onsen experience (extra).

Sample a public bath, 250yen a dip. Or try the historical tsuboyu (only hot spa registered by UNESCO as world heritage) for 770 yen.

Try a local Kumano Kodo craft beer before and or after the dip.

If you are a keen walker, you can take another path to the Akagi toge, about 2hours.

Day 4
Bus after breakfast (and another dip in the onsen) from Yunomine Onsen to Chikatsuyu.

Leave the stuff at the inn and we will explore the Kumano Kodo near Chikatsuyu. Gyubadoji (about an hour return) in the morning,

then after lunch in Chikatsuyu, a stroll to Tugizakura (about 3 hour return).

Another excellent dinner at the inn, and onsen hot spa, of course.

Day 5
After breakfast, we will check out the Nakahechi art gallery, designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryuue Nishizawa, known together as SANAA.

It is the first one the Pritzker Prize winning pair designed together (their more recent works include the 21st century gallery in Kanazawa). Separately, Nishizawa did Teshima gallery, Sejima, Laview train for the Seibu railway).

Whatever exhibition it is housing, just for the architecture, it is worth a look.

Pick up the baggage, then catch a bus after lunch to KiiTanabe.
Afternoon at leisure. Tonight, we stay in a Western style hotel (and sleep in a bed, for a change).

Day 6
After breakfast, we will ride on a train to Wakayama, which offers one of the best coastal views of the pacific ocean. Breathtaking.

After an early lunch, then on the other train to Kada, where we will be picked up to the inn we are staying tonight.
Drop the baggage, we then will catch the ferry to an island to check out the ruins of the historical fortress

built by the Japanese imperial army. Take either a short 3.3km walk (2.5 hrs) or 6.1km walk (3.5 hrs) around the island.

Ferry back later, and back to the inn, in time for a dip in the onsen. If the weather is fine, we will be able to see the sun setting from our roten outdoor onsen bath, right on the ocean.

Day 7
After breakfast, we will stroll to the local Awashima shrine where we will see, amongst other real treasures,

more than 20,000 dolls of all kind. Then we catch a late morning train to Wakayama where our great journey ends.

We will be only happy to help you getting to the next destination*.
*The train fare from Wakayama to wherever your next destination is not included in the tour fare.

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