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Travel to Japan in inimitable Lobrow Japan style, escorted or unescorted.

If you want to come to Japan with us, but are unable to attend the existing Lobrow Japan tours, do not despair. You can still travel to Japan in an inimitable Lobrow Japan fashion.

We can flex our flexible experienced aesthetic logistical muscles

and help make your journey to Japan a Lobrow special.

How? You can take part in our brand new "Your Journey, Our Design" program.

 It is specifically aimed at those who want to tap into Lobrow Japan's vast knowledge, experience, contacts, special insights and expertise , as well as our unique approach.

We can design your journey in Japan for you. This will save your time and money of course, and maximise the fun.  YOUR experience will be enhanced by OUR experience.

You tell us what you want to see, and do, and WE tell you the best way to do it.

We can help you delve into the Japan you may not even know about,  but can find with our help.

With or without us, it’s your choice.

Our "Your Journey, Our Design : With or Without Us" offers two services.

The first is the design only WITHOUT US option.

We will tailor make your itinerary to suit your interests, duration, expectations, level of immersion, specific requirements, and specialised interests. Whether you want obvious or obscure, premium or economy, young or old, etc – you tell us what you want and we can design anything you desire, AND make it happen! Be that walking, biking, record shopping, exploring food, a dip into the trad and new cultures, history, hot spas, trains, architecture ; anything and everything you want to do and see in Japan can be designed and arranged.  

This service includes extensive consultation - designing your itinerary with foolproof instructions - as well as arranging accommodation, dining and activity suggestions, and more. Using our expertise, contacts and insights and special Lobrow touch,

we will make your expectations come true.

With all the legwork and planning done, all you have to do is to go and enjoy yourselves. You will be on your own on the ground and - while we do not escort you - we will provide foolproof instructions. We are available via SMS, FB MSGR, email for real time queries during your trip, and will respond immediately or asap.

The second is the ESCORTED / WITH US option.

We not only design the itinerary together but also accompany you in Japan, so that you can have a wonderful Lobrow bespoke itinerary and also an expert guide on the road with you. You can be escorted with a minimum of only four people, every step of the way.
This means zero problems to do with getting lost, orientation, luggage, language, and the myriad confusions that can exist in Japan, especially if you prefer to be where fewer tourists go / off the beaten track. If you are the first timer, and with a limited language ability, we recommend you to take this option. Whether a first timer or an old hand, though, we can expand your horizons and enjoyment in Japan.

Special interest groups are a specialty and we already have tours curated around

and other areas of specific interest you may have.

The internet is full of information and tips, no doubt,  but we think a lot of the info is standardized,

generalised, homogenised, inappropriate, and even misleading - or simply incorrect - in some cases.

Reviews from others are meaningless as most of us know, as expectations vary from person to person.

Remember: Free Advice is worth what you pay for it. Ours is priceless but very affordable.

So just ask us, and we will ensure we make your Japanese experience unlike any other.

It’s all YOURS, but BY Design - with help and backing from Lobrow Japan.


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